2014 program information now available:


Beach volleyball registraion - May 2 meeting


Summer Boys Volleyball Tryouts May 25


Boys' Academy - starts July 14


Harvard Freshman Nick Bendell earns All-American accolade! Read more





Asics Tourney at Top Flight

G11silver ref 8:00am on ct. 1
G12blue play 8:00am on ct. 1
G11white ref 8:00am on ct. 2
G12white play 8:30am on ct 2
G12gold play 8:00am on ct. 3
G12silver play 8:30am on ct. 3
G14silver ref 8:00am on ct. 4
G14white play 8:00am on ct. 5
G13silver play 8:30am on ct. 5
G13white play 8:30am on ct. 6
complete schedules on www.midwestjrvolleyball.com

Great Lakes Power League
G13gold play 2:30pm ct. 1 at Fusion Sports Center
G13blue play 4:00pm ct. 6 at GLC
G14gold play 9:00am ct. 3 at GLC
G14blue play 4:00pm ct. 2 at GLC
G14black play 9:00am ct. 2 at Fusion Sports Center

Palos Courts Tourney
G15gold TBA
G15blue TBA
G15black TBA
G15silver TBA
G15white TBA
G16gold TBA
G16blue TBA

Palos Courts Tourney

G17gold TBA
G17blue TBA
G17black TBA



Congratulations to our 2014 college commitments!

Dan Hayes - Clark College
Nathan Van Dellen - Lindenwood University
Claire Vrabec - North Central College
Bradley McFarland - Dominican University
Nick VanderZanden - Lewis University
Brian Lyman - McKendree University
Armani Foster - Quincy University
Austin Royer - St. Ambrose
Ryan Vorderer - Lindenwood University
Jake Bobrowski - Dominican University
Taylor Nirchi - Elmhurst College
Jessica Lindsay - Ball State University
Jake Walenga - Lewis University
Josh Phalen - Grand Canyon University



Kevin Myren - New Jersey Institute of Technology
George "Mitch" Perinar - Lewis University

Matt Walsh - Ball State University
Carissa Lorenz - McKendree University
Kayla Pfeiffer - Jacksonville State University
Jessica Krysheld - Lindenwood University
Shannon Murphy - Tusculum College
Mitch Weiler - Ball State University
Kyisha Hunt - University of Illinois at Chicago
Maria Brown - Eastern Illinois University

Kayla Currier - Valparaiso University

Kelli Bates - University of Wisconsin



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